20 Fun Summer Activities For Kids

I’ve added a couple activities that I enjoy doing with my children annually. Since the weather this year has been very unpredictable here are some indoor + outdoor fun ways to spend your summer with your little ones. 

1. Picnic

Nothing like making an antipasto dish, pretty much throwing it all together and taking it on the go while you enjoy it outdoors. We love to have picnics at trinity bellwoods park, located in one of the most trendiest neighborhoods in Toronto.

2. Stroller walk in Kensington Market

We love to walk through Kensington market, given that it has so many cool shops, and restaraunts. Blue Banana is a cool shop that carries some awesome baby + kid items. They are currently renovating the park near by, can’t wait to see the outcome!.We visit the market for some amazing fish & chips at Frescos! We also take great pictures with the “Carden” which is the amazing colorful urban garden car!.Check out the side walk piano and you might even run into Spider-Man on the way!😜

3. Grange park

The Downtown Toronto park, that has been newly constructed over the past year has impressed me with every inch of mom in me!. It’s a perfect spot for families,great play structure for kids and many different things to do. Another cool thing about this new park is that they have the water splash pad open all the time! 5 star⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

4. Sugar beach

Who wouldn’t love a nice beach right in the middle of downtown Toronto? Once the kids are done making sand castles they can run to the splash pad right next to the beach! Not to mention how cute are those pink sun umbrellas?Tip: The earlier the better, this beach tends to get packed fast and no chairs available. However, We are totally more then happier with a big towel under the tree 🙌🏼

5. Fantasy Fair

I find this amusement park to be pretty cool, given the fact that it’s in a mall and has a 3 level play village. On our way there you can see the planes really closely. There are many different rides, and activities for little ones. 

Tip: Some activities require you to wear socks so, bring socks 😊

6. Riverdale farm

Riverdale farm is located in the Leslie neighborhood. If your looking to check out some animals but not go to far riverdale farm is a great attraction. 

7. Swimming

Get your kids use to water at a young age. It’s so good for them. When my little guy was in the standing stage, I would help him walk around a toddler pool and that really helped him walk as early as 10 months! 

8.Ripleys aquarium

We never get bored of the aquarium and it’s under water tunnel! I strongly suggest going there if you haven’t been! There is so much sensory play, educational and fun!! We actually had Jonahs first birthday party there!

9. ROM

Such an interesting museum to go to, so many things to learn. They have a great kids section and not to mention there bat cave is wicked! Noah enjoyed digging up bones in the sand box area as well as checking out all the dinosaurs! #boymom

10. Graffiti Alley

Visit graffiti alley in the fashion district to see amazing art work from wall to wall. Take pictures of you and your little ones, I currently have an obsession with graffiti art and look to find awesome backgrounds, graffiti alley never lets me down!

11. Ice cream run!

Our personal favorite spot is Dolce Gelato cafe on little Italy or should I say Noah’s favorite spot!😜👌They have a great selection of gelato for a great price. The second picture was taken during the little Italy festival and there was no way we were going to miss out on🍦

12. AGO

The AGO offers a vareiety of gorgeous art work, and a family center full of art, crafts, ,costume play and story telling. There is also a cute little cafe located on the lower level where we usually grab a treat🥐. Tip: Free admission on Wednesday night from 6pm-9pm

13. Movies

If your daring enough like me, I bring my two boys to the Cineplex theatres which offers a family favorite for $2.99 cheap and fun way to enjoy the weekend! Tip: I bring lots of Gerber snacks for the little one or as I call it “baby junk food”👌

14. High Park

When I think high park, I think my own childhood. The park has a massive playground for children, a splash pad right next to another park. It’s a win win. Before we head to the park we always take a little walk to see the animals.

15. Corktown Common

This playground has many fun things to do, such as a water feature, huge sandbox and a splash pad.

16. Roundhouse Park

My kids love love love coming here. The old train displays are fun to check out. They are defintely train lovers and enjoy playing in the playground after hopping on the train wagon.

17. Centre Island

Any chance I get to walk down to the island, I walk. The fun part of this is walking around he harborfront area and finally taking the ferry boat across. The island has been closed due to the flooding this summer, but will re open in two weeks! Yay! It’s always fun visiting daddy at work!

18. Little Norway Park

Great park to bring your little ones. This park has a cool totem pole, wading pool, and climbing structures. We often, before leaving the park take a walk near the lake and enjoy the view.
19. Fire station

Go to your local fire station and check out real equipment and sit on a real fire truck! Each time we go the firemen hand out stickers  for the children making each visit extra fun! We are so overdue for a fire station visit!

20. Sprouts 

This has to be my absolutel favorite indoor playground for kids located in leslieville. We actually had Noah’s 2nd birthday here, I HIGHLY recommend having your child’s birthday here. Super clean, modern playground, and offers parents coffee 🙌🏼☕️


Hope you and your little ones have a Funtastic and safe summer! Tip: go to http://www.littlepaper.com to check out summer events for kids in the gta! Enjoy!!


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