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I’d like to start at the part when I was almost 7 months pregnant. Walking in my maxi dress, showing off my baby bump, hand in hand. Mike and I had been excited talking about Noah’s arrival(since we’ve had already picked out a name) we laughed and giggled about how the baby will look, and whose eyes will the baby have and what color skin. “HEALTHY” yelled the man passing by us. Healthy is right because little did I know my whole world is about to change. June 3rd, 2013 Noah Barcelos was born!

Noah was going to playgroups since 6 months old. This not only helped him interact with babies but gave him a routine and a great social setting. I pretty much made my mommas gang!

So time went on, realized as Noah got older things became difficult. Dad noticed eye contact was limited. We attended playgroups every morning but I just couldn’t help notice and compare something was…. different about Noah! By 10 months Noah had the ability to spell 3 letter words. Typically, a child when sees a dog and will normally point or say the word “dog”. Noah would spell it. Then there were the not so fun parts, not wanting to sit down with kids, limited attention span, head banging, frustration, regression. All these things are hard to cope with, but the one that hurts the most is the regression. Noah never called me mom after 10 months. The word were gone and unfortunately, it wasn’t the only word we lost. My heart felt broken.

Let me fast track…..TIMES UP! (Parents discussions over) Noah was diagnosed with autism. I knew it in my heart and gut he had autism, but to have been 100% clarified felt like a slap in the face. I wasn’t emotionally stable to take it in. I had spent months researching about children with ASD. Right up until Noah was evaluated by a doctor. I spent nights crying, extra hormonal because I was 3 months pregnant! We implemented him in everything that he was eligible for! What are parents to do after they get the diagnosis? Having a son on the spectrum made me feel so lonely at times. Basically, you get this diagnosis, a shit load of paperwork, then what? Will he ever speak to me? MILLIONS of questions running through my head.

We love our son for exactly who he is. He’s taught us many unforgettable amazing things. I love walking into his room and seeing the word ” paramount films” spelled all by himself. I love the outburst of giggles and the hugs and squeezes I get. We also believe he has a photographic memory and can pretty much spell anything.  But if I ask him what he ate for lunch? Good luck! 😜

With much research and dedication, we are on a stem cells journey. When Noah was born we did blood cord banking with inception. We were pretty much sold on the 100% leukemia. Doctors are treating ASD children with infused blood cord stem cells and seeing great results

This is the longest post I’ve ever written, so if you’ve gotten this far thank you for keeping up. I hope this may help your friends child with autism, your nephew who has autism,  your autism child or your child who you THINK has autism. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

We got in touch with Ken’s mother, Marty. What an inspiration, she went above and beyond for her son Ken. I will put the link below ⬇️. This is what planted the seed for us in using stem cells to heal autism. You can see that this is a miracle! There are many successful stories out there using stem cell therapy. Our son will always have autism and that’s ok, But on the same note we want to make sure he will be okay in his daily living/future.  Which is why I have to give a big applause to my hubby who never stopped once he just kept going. Our hero! This is just the beginning for us, there is a long way to go from here. Thank you


Getting blood work done for Noah in Buffalo. At this point mike wasn’t here so it had been quite the experience because Jonah was so small!
We got to meet Dr. Joanne kurtsberg leader of world health ( this picture was taken after the infusion)

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  1. This was so inspirational.. there are tears down my cheeks. God bless you and little Noah and your family I hope everything works out stay strong!!!

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