This soup is so comforting & delish! It definitely reminds me of a nice clam chowder but without the clams ofcourse. Simple is best especially when you’ve got two little ones.. 1 out of 2 eats well… the other well, let’s just say he definitely knows how to bargain, and that’s a quality he inherited from daddy. These are all the ingredients you will need plus the 2 tablespoons of flour that is missing. But let’s just pretend it’s there🤓IMG_4702.JPGINGREDIENTS:

1 cup of milk

1/4 cream

2 table spoons of flour

3 large chopped carrots

3 chopped celery

1 whole chopped onion

6 chopped bacon

7 medium chopped potatoes

1 table spoon chopped parsley


Fry your bacon in a soup pot on medium-high heat till bacon is crisp. Remove bacon & set aside.

In the same pot (with bacon fat) add in your onions, carrots & celery stir and cook for about 10 minutes than add your potatoes.  Cook till your potatoes are soften. Add your chicken stock, bring to a boil then simmer.

At this point you will want to whisk milk & flour. Pour mixture in pot and stir. Cook for about 7 more minutes & lower heat.

Remove half the soup and set aside. I used my kitchen aid hand blender, but you can use any blender as long as you have a smooth consistency! Once that’s done, add the soup back into the pot. Add cream and stir to combine. Last step is to sprinkle your bacon bits and parsley! Enjoy!



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